Movie Trophies

MUPPET ELDERLIES MUPPET ELDERLIES Rated Stars Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal all live in a Nursing Home, but that doesn't Comedy - Parody BURGER KING - HISTORICALLY ACCURATE BURGER KING - HISTORICALLY ACCURATE Rated Stars The Earl of Sandwich has nothing on the ruthless Burger King! Comedy - Original ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD - AFTER THE GAME ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD - AFTER THE GAME Rated Stars Find out what happens to Link and Zelda After the Game! (Before the DLC comes out) Comedy - Parody EDGELORD 2 - THE PROMENING EDGELORD 2 - THE PROMENING Rated Stars Edgelord is back & headed to the meaningless adolescent social construct known as Prom. Comedy - Original ROAD RAGER ROAD RAGER Rated Stars Whatever you do, don't piss off Road Rager! Comedy - Parody THOR RAGNAROK TRAILER SONG THOR RAGNAROK TRAILER SONG Rated Stars We wrote a more appropriate song for the Thor Ragnarok Trailer. Comedy - Parody DORA THE GROWNUP DORA THE GROWNUP Rated Stars Dora the Explorer is all grown up now and she can do anything because she is a grownup! Comedy - Parody Bugs and Daffy Learn to Cook Foie Gras Bugs and Daffy Learn to Cook Foie Gras Rated Stars Bugs Bunny educates Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck on the nuances of making Foie Gras. Comedy - Parody Edgelord Edgelord Rated Stars New video for you to watch, while we wait for the next plague to happen... Comedy - Original Patty Cake Patty Cake Rated Stars You can't have a party without your best friend, Patty Cake! Comedy - Original Emo Fudd Emo Fudd Rated Stars Elmer Fudd might be realizing that life is "meaningwess." Comedy - Parody Drax Job Interview Drax Job Interview Rated Stars Drax the Destroyer applies for a new job. Comedy - Original Founding Fathers - The Anime Founding Fathers - The Anime Rated Stars Washington & friends fight for liberty & justice for all in this brand new American Anime! Comedy - Original PAPA - Rain More Music Video PAPA - Rain More Music Video Rated Stars Music video for Rain More by PAPA Music Video Ghost in the Shell - App Store Ghost in the Shell - App Store Rated Stars Ghost in the Shell's Motoko Kusanagi is having some major problems with the App Store. Comedy - Parody Beauty and the Beast with Mansplaining Beauty and the Beast with Mansplaining Rated Stars Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time... that has a lot of mansplaining. Not cool! Comedy - Parody Part Irish Drinking Song Part Irish Drinking Song Rated Stars Grab a stool & have a drink with some of your favorite part Irish people! Music Video Super Mario - After the Game Super Mario - After the Game Rated Stars Mario, you've saved the Princess, now what? Here's what happens After the Game! Comedy - Parody Scientifically Factual King Kong Scientifically Factual King Kong Rated Stars King Kong: Skull Island as told by Science-Tifically Accurate scientists! Comedy - Parody A F**ked Up World A F**ked Up World Rated Stars It's going to take a lot more than 3 wishes to fix all of these problems! Comedy - Parody Final Fantasy XV - Road Trip IRL Final Fantasy XV - Road Trip IRL Rated Stars Join the FFXV crew on a cross country road trip- just make sure to pee before you leave. Comedy - Parody Teenage Plain Ol' Regular Turtles Teenage Plain Ol' Regular Turtles Rated Stars Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have nothing on Turtles IRL. Comedy - Parody Cupid Cupid Rated Stars We hope Cupid's arrow finds your heart or another vital organ. Comedy - Original Peanuts Peanuts Rated Stars Charlie Brown and Lucy discover the grim truth behind all those Football games. Comedy - Parody Cutest Thing of All Time Cutest Thing of All Time Rated Stars 2016 SUCKED. We've made the cutest video of all time to help! Music Video Wikileaks - All the Things Wikileaks - All the Things Rated Stars He'll leak on you, on government, on police, on the DNC and the GOP. Comedy - Original Reverse Circus Reverse Circus Rated Stars At the Reverse Circus, the animals do to us what we do to them. Comedy - Original Assanta's Creed Assanta's Creed Rated Stars Santa Claus fights the naughty to serve the nice. Comedy - Parody Aquaman Wants to Help Aquaman Wants to Help Rated Stars Aquaman really wants to help out the Justice League. Comedy - Parody The Real Talking Dead The Real Talking Dead Rated Stars It's the Walking, Talking Dead. Comedy - Parody Kanye Westworld Kanye Westworld Rated Stars HBO's new show has everything: Cowboys, Robots, Sex, Mysteries, and Kanye West. Comedy - Parody Talkin' Turkey Talks Thanksgiving Talkin' Turkey Talks Thanksgiving Rated Stars Ten million turkey titties: We have the tasty truth about Thanksgiving. Let's dig in! Comedy - Original Wolverine's Morning Claws Wolverine's Morning Claws Rated Stars Sometimes, Wolverine wakes up and can't get his claws to go down. Comedy - Parody Goku's Super Saiyan Birthday Goku's Super Saiyan Birthday Rated Stars Goku gets super pissed when his friends forget his birthday. Comedy - Parody Scooby-Doo: Who Are You? Scooby-Doo: Who Are You? Rated Stars Scooby Doo and the gang finally discover what's really under that mask! Comedy - Parody Hulk-O-Ween Hulk-O-Ween Rated Stars Hulk has an incredible Halloween night. Comedy - Parody All I Do is Chase Rings (Feat. Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors) All I Do is Chase Rings (Feat. Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors) Rated Stars Kevin Durant's chasing a championship ring with the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors! Comedy - Parody Swing State Love Swing State Love Rated Stars A lesson in the Electoral College and Swing States. Comedy - Parody Hulk Gets Dumped Hulk Gets Dumped Rated Stars Hulk gets dumped and the way he copes with it is Incredible! Comedy - Parody Hillary Clinton Rap - Don't Say Benghazi Hillary Clinton Rap - Don't Say Benghazi Rated Stars Hillary has scandals. Hillary has history. Hillary don't give a F!#@. Comedy - Parody Pac-Man - After the Game Pac-Man - After the Game Rated Stars Ever wonder what happens to Pac-Man after eating all those dots? Comedy - Parody Thomas the Tank Engine: Origins Thomas the Tank Engine: Origins Rated Stars Discover the origins of your favorite talking train! Comedy - Parody Donald Trump and Vladimir Donald Trump and Vladimir Rated Stars Trump & Putin sing a song from the heart about their favorite subject: Themselves. Comedy - Parody Batman IRL Batman IRL Rated Stars The Dark Knight wouldn't last a day in real life. Comedy - Parody Small Town Pokemon Go Small Town Pokemon Go Rated Stars It's hard becoming the very best at Pokemon GO when you live in the middle of nowhere. Comedy - Parody